Oil and Gas

The Oil & Gas industry has  many high risk operations that demands strong leadership and a process safety culture.  The principles of Operational Excellence found in the US Nuclear Navy have proven effective to reduce process safety risk and reduce down time.

Power Generation and Delivery

Low energy demand and therefore low prices are driving a greater need for Operational Excellence in Power Generation plants and Power Delivery projects. Operator errors resulting in equipment failure and plant down time are the difference between profit and loss in today’s market.

Government and Regulatory Compliance

Government regulations are becoming more burdensome. You need management systems that ensure compliance while also supporting high efficiency and efficacy. We can help you design and implement systems that will reduce your costs while improving your operations and regulatory compliance.


Nowhere is Operational Excellence more important than Healthcare. When lives are on the line, you need systems, culture, and leadership that will make the right health decisions. But the costs of our great healthcare continue to skyrocket. We need solutions that streamline decision making while reducing complexity.