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High Reliability Group LLC is the premier High Reliability Organization management consulting firm. We help our clients improve operations and become High Reliability Organizations based on the principles of the US Nuclear Navy. Our consultants have decades of hands-on operational leadership in both the US Nuclear Navy and other high hazard industries such as Oil & Gas and Electric Utilities. If your organization wants to improve operational efficiency and financial performance, reduce risk through better safety and compliance practices, implement a more effective and sustainable management system, and develop great leadership and high performing teams, we can help you down the path to Extreme Operational Excellence. 



How does a group of 130 men with an average age of 25 operate a nuclear power plant in the ocean’s harshest environments while conducting complex operations aboard a 6900-ton warship with nearly flawless results? The answer lies in the community’s culture which epitomizes the tireless pursuit of Operational Excellence. Operational Excellence is a journey, not a destination. Let Matt and Bob give you a tour of the Navy’s Silent Warriors’ commitment to this journey that began nearly seven decades ago.

Learn about the five principles that make up the Nuclear Navy Culture:

  • Learning Organizations
  • Formality in Communications and Procedural Compliance
  • Questioning Attitude
  • Watch Team Backup
  • Integrity

Learn about how leadership develops this culture and how you can apply it to your organization for Operational Excellence!

Husky Energy Corporate Safety Summit Keynote

February 2018 – Calgary

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Precision Valve Manufacturer HRO Workshop

February 2018 — Florida

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High Reliability Organization Leadership Workshop

March 6th – 7th, 2018 — Houston


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